Terms and Conditions

The present Terms and Conditions together with French law constitute the agreement between SARL Ventoux Découvertes, Le Vas, 84570 Blauvac, France, 481622009 RCS Avignon, also trading under the names FranceOneTour.com and FranceOneTransfer.com, and you. They formally outline our relationship. They:
- Apply unless we have in writing specified or agreed to other conditions or variations.
- Explain our respective obligations to each other.

For Your convenience, the present Terms and Conditions and this Website are edited in English and French, each version being equally valid. Should it happen that there is a difference of interpretation between the language versions, We accept that You may claim to benefit from the language version that is most favourable for you.

In case of doubt interpreting a part of the English version, it is expressly stipulated that the English version of the Website and the Terms and Conditions are edited in British English and that all interpretation must use British English as base.


"Website" means any and all content of "FranceOneTour.com" or "FranceOneTransfer.com".

"FranceOneTour.com" and "FranceOneTransfer.com" are trade names for Ventoux Découvertes. They may be used interchangeably to refer to the legal entity Ventoux Découvertes.

"Service" means any service provided directly by or ordered via "Ventoux Découvertes". 

"Services" means all the services provided directly by or ordered via "Ventoux Découvertes".

"We", "Us", "Our" or "The Company" means Ventoux Découvertes.

"You", "Your" means a customer of Ventoux Découvertes.

Intellectual Property

The entire contents of this Website is the intellectual property of Ventoux Découvertes, protected by international copyright law, except where photo credits indicate that the copyright is held by a third party.

It is notably strictly prohibited to copy the text or images of this site onto another website, intranet, newsletters, e-mails, or any other electronic or printed media intended for mass distribution and/or publishing, except that what text is concerned, I allow the same tolerance as is normally applied for quoting small and reasonable extracts on condition that the site's name and URL be mentioned. If in doubt about the quantity of content quoted, please contact us to ask. These limitations are not exhaustive. International copyright law defines the limit for copyright protection.

However, I allow that the contents be copied onto electronic media or printed for an individual's personal use within his or her household without individual approval in each case on condition that there is no public access to the copied content. You may also edit the copied content for your personal use on the same conditions. You may not forward the copied and/or edited content to any third person outside your household. If you want to inform a third person about the content, it must be done by providing the site's name and/or URL.



We may refuse to provide a Service if We do not have the capacity, skills, qualifications, manpower or material required to provide the Service, or if You do not conform to the present Terms and Conditions or your legal obligations.

The tour prices are based on land transport, exchange rates at January 2016.

Health and Safety

ALL PASSENGERS must wear SEAT BELTS during the journey.
SMOKING is strictly FORBIDDEN in the vehicle.
EATING is strictly FORBIDDEN in the vehicle. Many stops are planned for that.
DRINKING alcohol, soda is strictly FORBIDDEN in the vehicle. Bottled water is tolerated.

The passengers must follow the driver's safety instructions, for example regarding placement of baggage so that it does not constitute a hazard.

The driver is entitled to refuse or terminate transport immediately if any passenger fails to respect these health and safety conditions after being reminded to do so, in which case no refund will be provided.

Deposit and Payment

A deposit of 30% is required at the time of booking. Full payment (remainder) will be required after the tour or transfer service.

Balance due payment

Cash payment or credit card payment


When considering refunds, the reference is the date and time for the scheduled departure concerned. If multiple departures are concerned, each one is considered separately.
If You cancel by e-mail, the time of cancellation is considered to be the timestamp of the e-mail. If You cancel by telephone, the time of cancellation is considered to be the time We receive the call or the timestamp of Your voicemail.
If You cancel by fax, the time of cancellation is considered to be the timestamp of the fax. If You cancel by letter (which is discouraged), the time of cancellation is considered to be the time We receive the letter.

We will acknowledge Your cancellation by e-mail as soon as possible. Please verify that You do receive our acknowledgement of cancellation. The duration between the time of scheduled departure and time of cancellation is measured with a precision of one hour.

Cancellation latest 90 days before scheduled departure: 20% of the deposit refund

Cancellation later than 90 days but latest 60 days before scheduled departure: 15% of the deposit refund

Cancellation later than 60 days but latest 30 days before scheduled departure: 10% of the deposit refund

Cancellation later than 30 days but latest 15 days before scheduled departure: 5% of the deposit refund

Cancellation later than 15 days but latest 7 days before scheduled departure: No refund


-Travel insurance is strongly recommended to cover the cost of cancellation fees that could result from a death in the family, illness, flight departure cancelled, etc.

We may not cancel the booking except in case of force majeure, dangerous driving conditions and events outside of Our control, in which Case you will be entitled to a full refund of any advance paid.



We will not divulge to any third party any information or documents passed to Us by You in the course of an order, except in any such case where We are legally obliged to do so, and except for the purpose of providing such information to third party providers of the Services ordered.

Limitation of Liability

We will not be liable for any error, delay, damage, whether direct or consequential, that is caused directly or indirectly by industrial action, strike, riot, blockade, weather conditions, unusual driving conditions, terrorism, vandalism, crime, war, act of Government, force majeure, act of God or any other cause beyond Our control. We are not responsible for loss, damage, destruction or theft of Your baggage and other personal belongings, unless the cause of loss, damage or destruction is a traffic accident for which We are legally responsible. Neither are We responsible for any loss, damage, destruction, personal injury or death or any other direct or indirect consequences of traffic accidents for which a third party is held responsible.


This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the French Republic. You submit to the jurisdiction of the French courts.

Change, Transfer, Cancellation & No Show

All bookings are transferable to another client if the characteristics of the itinerary do not change. We may at our discretion allow a larger number of passengers and/or luggage if no further vehicles are required. You must inform Us without delay if You transfer the booking, providing Us updated information of client name, e-mail, address and phone numbers. You and the new client must verify that You and the new client receive our confirmation, as the new client could be refused transport if We are not aware of the transfer. We decline all responsibility if You do not follow these instructions.

If You do not present Yourself at the agreed pick-up point at the time agreed, then We will make all reasonable effort to contact and find You. If it comes to Your knowledge that Your arrival or departure will be delayed more than 30 minutes, then You must inform Us as soon as possible, whether you become aware of this before or during the trip. If within 60 minutes of the agreed time You have not presented Yourself, then a no show condition has occurred, and We will return home, unless You have contacted us and a new agreement has been made. If You are more than 30 minutes late, We reserve the right to invoice the waiting time according to the published rates.

We may not cancel the booking except in case of force majeure, dangerous driving conditions and events outside of Our control, in which Case you will be entitled to a full refund of any advance paid.

Damage and Soiling

You will be held responsible for any damage to or soiling of the vehicle beyond normal wear and tear if caused by any passenger. The actual cost of repair and cleaning, rent of a similar replacement vehicle during repair, and a fee of 50 euros plus VAT for soiling or 100 euros plus VAT for damages must be paid by You within 7 days of presentation of invoice.

Change of the Present Terms and Conditions

We may change the present Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. Changes will take effect upon publication at the Website. Orders already accepted before any such change will not be affected by any change but will remain subject to the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of ordering. Services for which You pay on a periodic basis, for example per hour or per month, will be affected by future changes, in which case You will be been given a notice of no less than one month, during which You can cancel the Services without notice.

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