Transport Services in Provence

Who and where we are

FranceOneTransfer is a small passenger transport company of a human size located near Avignon in Provence, southern France.

What we do for you

Our aim is to transport you comfortably, quickly, punctually, and courteously between two points in Provence or many other parts of southern France - or even further away in France, Monaco, Italy, Spain, Andorra, or Switzerland if you need - at a competitive price.

How we drive you

We use chauffeured air conditioned minibuses for up to 8 passengers.

Where we drive you

We typically transport people between airports and hotels. TGV stations, other railway stations, ports, and holiday homes are other popular destinations. Marseilles airport, Marseilles cruise port, and Arles and Avignon ports for river cruises on the Rhône are some of the places we go very often.

We also take you on sightseeing in Provence

Our Provence sightseeing tours are described on FranceOneTour.

Weddings, Ski Transfers, Bicycles ...

We can help you with that and many other types of transportation too. Please use the detailed quote request form or contact us for details.

We have many years' experience in Provence and the rest of southern France.

Many happy customers wouldn't hesitate to recommend us

Why don't I just take a taxi?

Many travellers quite happily use taxis. Taxis are normally available in large airports and cities, but in smaller airports and towns, you may have to be very patient to find a taxi, if at all possible. You can jump into a taxi if you find one, but you cannot always book a taxi more than one or two days in advance. You can't know in advance if the taxi driver speaks your language or not. You won't have to explain your destination to a taxi driver in a language you may not speak, and there is a risk that the taxi takes a detour that you have to pay. You don't know what a taxi costs until you arrive. It is difficult to check the reputation of a taxi on the Internet.

With FranceOneTransfer, everything is determined in advance. There are no unpleasant surprises. You know there is a car and driver waiting for you, and you know what it costs. You can travel with peace of mind and less stress and uncertainty.

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